CLASS BY GUEST LECTURERS --- The institute organizes classes on special fields of photography which is taken by the guest lecturers who are the master-man in their respective fields.

PRACTISING PHOTOGRAPHY --- The students of the institute can practice photography practically under the guidance of the Head of the institute in BPI and during outdoor shooting even after the completion of the course with a very nominal charge.

LIBRARY --- The institute is equipped with various books, periodicals and magazines on photography. Each and every student can enjoy this facility at no extra cost.

PHOTOBANK --- The institute is equipped with the works of world renowned photoartists and every student will get the facility of studying these works.

INFORMATIONS ABOUT EXHIBITION --- Students will get informations of various national and international Salons and Exhibitions throughout the year and they can participate grouply to these exhibitions.

PHOTO-TOUR --- The institute organizes various tours to cover various events locally and sometimes various parts of India for its students.

EXHIBITIONS --- The institute organizes photography exhibition of works of its students many times throughout the year.

PARTICIPATION IN DIFFERENT SALONS, COMPETITIONS AND EXHIBITIONS --- The Institute always encourages its students to take part in different salons, photography competitions and exhibitions nationally and internationally throughout the year even after the completion of the course.

WORKSHOPS --- BPI organizes various photography workshops for its students with some big corporate houses like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Camerena etc. many times throughout the year. BPI individually also doing workshops in different schools, clubs or in other organizations to promote photography and educate people on this subject.